Cable - DB-15 Cable Kit

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1.70 Ounces
Maximum Purchase:
5 units

Product Overview

9600 baud. Includes DB-15 D-sub connector for port two of KPC-9612 family, KWM-9612 family, and KAM family Terminal Node Controllers.

These cable kits are not necessary if you have just purchased a new Kantronics TNC. Order these only if you need to make up new or extra cables.

These are true Kits -- the cables are NOT molded or premade. Each kit DOES contain an assembly manual, one (appropriate) connector, one connector backshell (covering) and three feet of multi wire shielded cable. The kits do NOT contain any of the radio connectors required for attaching to your transceiver (radio). You must obtain these and have the necessary tools on hand to complete the kit(s).

Tools: We recommend that you have a small soldering iron, solder, locking pliers to hold the connector in place while soldering, wire cutter/stripper, and small Phillips and regular screw drivers. A well-lighted area for assembly is highly recommended.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review