Kantronics 9612XE

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Includes power plug connector (center pin positive). 12Vdc Power Adapter sold separately. USB version includes USB type A to USB type B cable.

Product Overview

The Kantronics 9612XE is a versatile dual-port, multi-speed radio modem/TNC/data controller designed to fill many different roles, now and in the future. Directly replacing the KPC-9612+ and capable of speeds up to 38.4 kbps, the 9612XE opens a new era in user flexibility and customization.

The 9612XE now includes the wireless modem modes engineered for dependable and versatile digital communications in the commercial operating environment.  Able to communicate in a variety of formats, including TCP/IP, LSUB and TUP, 9612XE units are seamless and transparent radio link substitutes and can also operate as a data-operated switch (DOX).

The 9612XE can be used in the field with a radio to form a mobile data terminal, or (with the addition of an external GPS receiver) a GPS mobile "tracker". Its broad supply voltage range (DC 5.5 V to 25 V) allows for maximum flexibility.

9612XE Functions and Applications

  • 'Keyboard to keyboard' communications
  • Digipeater – suitable for remote locations
  • 1200 <--> 9600 gateway operation
  • Remote command access with password control
  • Personal Electronic Mail Box, with message forwarding and retrieval
  • Send/Receive Files (terminal software dependent)
  • Send/Receive Paging signals (POCSAG 512, 1200, 2400)
  • Remote control devices
  • GPS position transmitting and tracking (NMEA-0183 data required)
  • Data storage and retrieval
  • EMWIN weather information (requires additional software)
  • Base, Mobile, portable, or remote installations

9612XE Features

  • Broad supply voltage range operation
  • Low current requirement.
  • Dual port 1200/9600 bps operation, standard
  • Port 1 supports 1200 bps
  • Port 2 supports 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 bps with GMSK/DFSK modulation
  • "NEWUSER" mode provides a quick start for packet newcomers
  • Digital audio drive control -- set from keyboard or by remote control
  • Large capacity internal mailbox and mail forwarding feature
  • Multiple user mailbox flashes Mail led for up to 10 call signs
  • GPS operation mode allows use with APRS® or other geolocation software (when paired with NMEA-0183 compatible GPS receiver)
  • Telemetry functions with two A/D inputs, and Remote Control switching with two control line outputs
  • 512, 1200, and 2400 baud POCSAG paging transmit/receive capability
  • Faster 9S12XE 16 bit microprocessor
  • Node and Network node functions standard "KA" Node and K-Net™
  • AX.25, Packet, BBS, KISS, XKISS, HOST, TERMINAL, GPS, MODEM (and dumb-modem) LSUB, TUP, POLL, operating modes
  • Easily upgradeable flash based bios/firmware
  • "Online" HELP feature
  • 512K memory standard
  • Includes coaxial power plug 
  • Use with base, mobile or hand-held radios
  • Made in the USA -- Limited one year warranty to original purchaser


(No reviews yet) Write a Review